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SHARP, Inc. SHARP, Inc. - St. Bernards Healthcare Associated Regional Providers
SHARP, Inc. - St. Bernards Healthcare Associated Regional Providers

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St. Bernards Healthcare Associated Regional Providers (SHARP) is a physician hospital organization (PHO) that connects providers, employers and patients seeking medical services to create the very best healthcare service possible. With over 4,300 providers and 173 facilities, SHARP is the largest healthcare network available for self-insured employers that choose to contract direct with the providers of healthcare.  SHARP is one of only a few PHOs in the country that is licensed to provide utilization review.

SHARP participating providers have access to the following opportunities:

  • 230,000 lives covered in a 75-mile radius of Jonesboro and is capable of offering access to every medical service available in the northeast Arkansas area as well as tertiary referral centers in Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Many cost-saving programs to help reduce clinic administrative overhead costs and assist you in offering competitive employee benefit packages (see Provider Programs for more info).
  • One–stop credentialing process that allows access to all SHARP contracts.
  • Customer Service – the very best!

Interested in becoming a SHARP network provider? See Request Credentialing Packet to begin the process.

Mission Statement

“The mission of St. Bernards Healthcare Associated Regional Providers, Inc. (SHARP) is to provide the highest quality healthcare for our patients at an affordable rate by: optimizing cooperation between the physicians, hospital, and employers; efficiently utilizing resources; and monitoring quality and out come.  SHARP will empower the providers, employees, and patients by incorporating their input and ideas to help develop strategies and maintain flexibility and change in order to enhance continuous quality improvement and economic gain for all.” SHARP Board of Directors